Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Income With Google Adsense

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The reason why i choose Google Adsense is it's income given to me. Thats the only one reason why i choose Google Adsense. Many people said it's hard to be Google Adsense approved member, but to me, it's simple and easy as long as we follow their Terms & Conditions , thanks to Gurucyber for the tips.

For your information, Google Adsense use US Dollar ($) for currency and it's really high paid when we compare with other local advertising company in Malaysia. (eg $2 multiply with 3= we get RM6)

Below is the picture of my income after a week use Google Adsense :

(image was deleted due to some problem)

p/s: I'm still newbie and still low in traffic but i still can managed to got that much of income. Thank to Google Adsense.

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